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Ningbo minrong machinery co., LTD Specializing in factory design and manufacture of molds and die casting production The main provider of: the design and manufacture die-casting mold, plastic mold design and manufacturing, die casting, machining as a whole. The use of computer-aided design, through the CNC machining center, precision engraving mac...[MORE]
Basic information

Add:No.5,Huixin Rd, Daqi,Beilun, Ningbo, Zhejiang
Attn:Master Ma

Enterprise certification
Enterprise nature: Private enterprise Set up time: 2007 Registered capital: 50 10 Thousand
Fixed assets: 2000 10 Thousand Annual output value: 20 Million—50 Million Plant area: 2000 m2
Number: 110 people System certification: NULL Communication language: English
Processing type: Mould Die casting Machining Surface treatment Business mainly: NO Export output value: NULL 10 Thousand
Export market: NULL Representative product type: Auto parts,led linghting, machinery components Terminal customers: SENGLED,Taiji,Tospolighting,JAC,Jiepu wash machine.Yamato Sewing Machine
Equipment center
The category The main equipment
Molding Machine CNC 12 Sets,High speed milling 5 Sets,EDM 9 Sets ,Wire cutting machine 7 Sets,WEDM-MS 2 Sets,Carving machine 6 Sets,Die ,Spotting Machine 2 Set,Grinde
Die Casting Equipment, Die-casting machine 1600T 1 Set, 800T 2 Sets, 500T 2 Set, 280T 2 Sets, 160T hot room machine 1 Set
Stamping equipment
injection molding machines
the device for accurate processing
Testing Equipment CMM,Spectrometer,Color reader,Flaw detector,Coating thickness measurement equipment,Salt spray tester, Image equipment
Other Equipment
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