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What we aim to for you?

- Cut procurement cost in China
- Improve procurement efficiency
- Eliminate procurement risks
- Transcend cultural barriers

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What we are?

MOM is a commitment to provide customers with die-casting moulds and die castings procurement, consulting, technical support, program evaluation, quality testing, international trade and other full-service platform enterprise, the company is located in Beilun port, Ningbo.

By a decade of experience in the accumulation of services and supplier qualification assessment, MOM have very mature experience and solutions in the enterprise services, OEM manufacturing consulting, international trade services and other aspects.

At present, the platform has 236 quality suppliers, and has served more than 800 buyers at home and abroad.We focus on the service of large customers at home and abroad, but also provide small and medium-sized customers at home and abroad to quickly achieve small quantities, many varieties of products and even the procurement of samples, or supporting of technology, trade and others.

MOM can become your mould and die casting of the right-hand man and loyal partners.