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Meet our team

Mr. Hua Xu

Professor Hua Xu serves as the secretory-general of Ningbo Beilun Moulds Industry Associate. Since graduating from physical metallurgy and heat treatment of Maanshan iron and steel engineering institute in 1982, he used to engage in a variety of technical and administrative jobs such as technical manager, chief engineer, factory director, general manager. In 2003, he achieved the title of senior engineer for his deep researches on moulds manufacturing, die casting field and heat treatment. In addition to teaching students in a college on moulds design, quality management and  electro-mechanical equipments, he is responsible for the major of moulds design and manufacturing at the college, which is the National Demonstration Construction Major.

Mr. Xiong Ruibin

Xiong Ruibin is Associate Professor of Moulds Industry Center at Ningbo Polytechnic in China. Graduated from mechanical manufacturing and automatic major of Zhejiang University, Dr. Xiong Ruibin is skilled in moulds designing, moldflow analysis, die-casting process and defect diagnosis of parts. He holds a joint appointment at MOM Services and Ningbo Polytechnic. Dr. Xiang Ruibin once worked for Ningbo Shuaitelong Groups Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Huiwang Moulds Co., Ltd. Ten-year experience at moulds and mechanical fields makes him master lots of purchasing consultation knowledge and service abilities. He is not only a senior designer but also an experienced consultant, with several publications in Journal of Machine Design and Research, China Foundry and Chinese Journal of Aeronautics and 4 patents in tooling and fixtures.

Mr. Neil

Neil serves as the senior purchasing consultation engineer of moulds & die castings, a position he has held since March 2013. Previously, he served as sales consultant of moulds & die castings in the Department of International Business in, using big data to support sales. He enjoys an active involvement in both project management and in informatization products energetically. Neil has a bachelor’s degree in computer, but he develops a passion for moulds industry which he was interested in as a teenager. Neil keeps studying the supplier match system, leading an on-line Supplier Match for purchase projects.

Ms. Lynn

Lynn earned bachelor degree in computer software and its applications at Zhejiang University 11 years ago, where she learned skills in using AUTOCAD and Pro-E software to design and drawing the parts. So far she has been on the job of purchasing service manager for 7 years, with excellent sense of project management. The quiet exterior hides an aggressive mind always ready to hit her keyboard and explore how to service clients well. Being a skillful and enthusiastic communicator at MOM Services, Lynn developed the project process management system (PPMS) with her colleagues.

Mr. Alvis Tse

Alvis came to MOM Services with many years of event coordination and administrative experience. Since graduating, he has worked at Ningbo Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and several manufacturing companies in a variety of roles including being responsible for test laboratory management, quality management systematic attestation and becoming a director or general manager successively. With his masterate degree in mechanical engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Alvis has a good command of both written and oral English. As a well-educated senior engineer, he serves as a team leader for purchasing consultation service at MOM Services.