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Our services

Die casting mould or die-casting parts purchase

Tell us your requirement for a new mould or project of high pressure die casting, a supplier matchmaking sheet will be sent, in which up to 5 suppliers and their capabilities and contact information are shown.

Find out competitive supplier, finish the purchase of die or die-casting parts in China market. Be sure that these suppliers are selected out from 3000 die casting foundries and 1700 mould makers through the professional matchmaking by our team.

Furthermore, all the thousands of suppliers have been strictly assessed onsite by MOM Services, in respect to factory size, R&D, QC, production management, facilities and others.


Project consulting services & Project plan evaluation

According to the product structure characteristics and quantity, recommends the customer suitable process, the best manufacture method helps the customer to realize the production .
The project team will conduct a plan evaluation based on the project requirements and make a detailed DFM(design for manufacture) report after receiving the client request.


Technical support

Including mould design, product design, tooling design, CAE analysis, etc.MOM Services will make a docking appointment between you and the suppliers in Ningbo, China, if requested.
Then a face-to-face meeting and talking will be held one by one at our conference room. You can talk on any issue you care with the suppliers.


Quality inspection

As per the client is entrusted to the designated products, testing report will be issued by quality standards for on-site inspection.

You can review the following items during your factory audit escort: quality management, R& D running, workshop, production facilities, process control, testing equipment and so on.


International trade services

MOM can help you complete all of international trade services from the purchase project confirmation to the supplier development, from quotation to the supplier evaluation, from ordering to monitoring, from the production progress management to quality control, from international logistics to collection and settlement, etc.MOM Services provides you with free interpreting, hotel booking, airport pick-up, local transportation.