Why MOM Services?

  • 1A third-party sourcing consulting and project       management company
  • 2Focusing on die casting mould and die-casting parts
  • 33000+ die casting plants assessed
  • 41700+ mould manufacturers assessed
  • 5Find out right supplier meet your request
  • 6At a time up to 5 quotations
  • 7Manufacturer capability data
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TOP 5 contents of the service

Die casting mould or die-casting parts purchase

find out competitive supplier, finish the purchase of die or die-casting parts in China market.

Project consulting services & Project plan evaluation

the best manufacture method helps the customer to realize the production,make a detailed DFM report.

Technical support

Including mould design, product design, tooling design, CAE analysis, etc.

Quality inspection

Testing report will be issued by quality standards for on-site inspection.

International trade services

MOM can help you complete all of international trade services

What people like you say?

Ruide Zhang, Purchasing Engineer

“MOM Services has been an excellent Chinese die casting sourcing servicer providing accurate business matchmaking. If you have a need for a new tooling or aluminium parts I would highly recommend them. They really had made special runs to get us out of trouble.”

Cindy Zhang, Purchasing Manager

“Excellent engineer to work with – MOM Services offers a quality matchmaking service, backed by reliable manufacturers – that’s why they have been making our die cast moulds for over two years.”

Xuemei Chen, Supply Chain managing

“It’s a great platform! Our new auto chassis tooling was successfully delivered. That met all our criteria. So I would like to say that just submit your requirement without any doubt, you like us will get an unexpected solution.”

Ales Leben, Purchasing Manager

“We find quickly the foundry through MOM Services. We are reliant upon the foundry’s expertise. Thanks for MOM Services’s unusual service.”

Youjun Zheng, Purchasing Manager

“Working with MOM Services is a real partnership. They help us cut down the purchasing cost and improve our products.”

Lei Li, Supplier Development Engineer

“ Free getting professional die casting suppliers information is so wonderful! When MOM Services promised us a factory audit escort, we programmed it into our purchase schedule. Having a reliable die casting parts supplier that always delivers on time is a bonus to our production routine.”

Jason Li, Parts Sourcing Manager

“When we were worried about the urgent purchase of die casting parts, MOM Services bursted upon our sight from google…It has proved to be a professional and responsible matchmaker for die casting industry.”

Guanxiang Geng, Die cast Sourcing Manager

“MOM Services has been easy to deal with and always seems to go above and beyond to meet our needs. The manufacturer has consistently been one of our top performing suppliers in terms of quality, value and on-time delivery."

Ryan Tang, Sourcing Manager

“The team of MOM Services has been well instrumental in helping us find a quality supplier, purely because of their experience, resource and earnest. The service is quite nice, they are always flexible and are constantly looking at ways to tune their manufacturers to meet our design needs.”

Steven Che, Purchasing Manager

“We were surprised at the multiple quotes at a time from MOM Services for die cast mould making. We never experienced so stunning service which is for free.”

James Wang, Supplier Development Engineer

“Thanks Mr. Neil from MOM Services for his escort to our factory audit. We have gained too much useful information from 5 factories in a day, one of which surely will be our new supplier.”

Jian Mao, Sourcing Engineer

“We aim to develop professional die casting suppliers in China who have the same philosophy on quality as we have. In fact, MOM Services has done perfectly for us.”

Bingdong Song, Sourcing Director

“Face to face talk with 5 manufacturers one by one is a very efficient and interesting meeting. The supplier matchmaking is very helpful to our sourcing.”

Naibin Feng, Purchasing Engieer

"...We were experiencing problems with another die casting company supplier and they came through for me. They matched our project with 4 Chinese suppliers and sent me a multiple quotation. Nice service. Now we have cooperated with one of them which delivered good aluminium parts with competitive price and quality.”

Anyd Chen, Purchasing Engieer

“...MOM Services was extremely helpful in accelerating our tooling maker development. They helped in the factory audit and business negotiation also."